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You should get ready. As we near the end of the decade, you may find adorable Munchkin cats for sale.

Here at Midget Cats Land, my family and I grew the most adorable Munchkin cat for sale and now you may buy them. We intentionally breed for grandeur, riches, and mien. At our store, you may find munchkin kittens for sale in a variety of colors and patterns, including white, calico, silver, grey, solid, and pointed varieties. The majority of the Munchkin cats that I am selling have typical short legs. We are proud members of the International Cat Association’s (TICA) Munchkin breeder registry. All of the Munchkin cat for sale you see on my website are now available for adoption, and we also breed fold-eared Munchkin kittens, sometimes known as Scottish Fold Munchkins. As part of our effort to keep our website fresh, we take images of our Munchkin kittens every two or three days. You can see them on the page where I list my Standard Short Leg Munchkin cat for sale. If you are interested in seeing what we have to offer and it’s okay with you, shoot us an email.
Throughout the year, we provide a wide selection of Munchkin Kittens. In addition to a Munchkin kitten of the highest quality, bred from healthy, well-adjusted parents, when you purchase your kitten from us, you can rest assured that we will be here for you every step of the way, offering round-the-clock support and a guarantee on the kitten’s health and genetic makeup.



You can find us in Kingston, Washington, and the airport is very close. We serve all over the United States. Our cattery is the best option for you, but we also offer services at the airport so you can get your furry friend there. We will also have a lot of different kinds of Munchkin cat for sale, such as chocolate, dark-striped, calico, and focused regular Munchkin kittens. We keep an eye on the little cats all day to make sure they’re safe, happy, and healthy. As kids, they grow up in a home that is smoke-free, spotless, and full of love. They are also our pets, so we love them just as much as any other little cat. Great food is given to adults, and little cats, moms who are pregnant or nursing, and pregnant women all eat great cat food with extra nutrients.


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It’s the energy in me. Midget Cats Land is where I got my Munchkin kitten. About six hours away, they sent it to me. The details of everything I needed to consider before welcoming the kittens joy into my house were divulged by them with much effort.

Tracy Kim / Minneapolis, MN

On September 16th, I made a purchase with Scott Midget Cats Land—the breeder of my Munchkin cat Bill. Despite my reservations, the online shopping experience was second to none. He arrived spotless, just as expected.

Brandon Ellison / Saginaw, MI

Midget Cats Land is highly recommended. What a fantastic meeting in every way. Midget Cats Land captivated me with their constant communication; I purchased my adorable Munchkin kitten from them. He was always willing to provide a hand.

Stacy Holmgren / West St Paul, MN
munchkin cats for sale

Midget Cats Land, hey!
She has grown a little, but she’s still a sweet little girl at heart. She adores her new room and can’t get enough of the food and cuddling that she enjoys sitting on the ledge. We could keep the wet food coming, and I seriously doubt she would ever quit eating. A heartfelt “thank you” for all your help in rearing her; I’ve attached some pictures for your reference. We will be in touch shortly, and I hope that the new year is treating you well.
most effective,”

Michael Garceau / Irving, TX
munchkin cat for sale


Oh, how we adore MJ! His given name, “Mister July,” honors the month in which he was born, so we preserved it. Everyone in our family is overjoyed, even if our huge cat is still getting used to it. We are utterly smitten by his adorable little face and his boundless energy for play and snuggling. He means the world to us!

Anita and Tony / Fayetteville, NC
munchkin cats

He likes food a lot, meows funny sounds when he wants food, and is calm and friendly. It took him a few days to get used to being around other people and his eyesight got better. He will now wait at the door like a dog and rub his face on our hands. All of our cats also clean and play with each other, which makes us all very happy.
Thank you once more.

Pauline Mitchell / Lexington, KY

What we feed our Munchkin Cats and Kittens

We feed our Munchkin cat for sale Royal Canin foods here at Midget Cats Land. One or two times a day, we give them free-choice dry food and water. If you want to order this dish, is the place to go. Their delivery service is convenient and  prompt.
Keep your kitten on the same food that the breeder is feeding them at all times. Serious gastrointestinal issues, lasting for weeks, might result from this. Our little one has a food sensitivity to some of the more expensive items. Our regular cats can’t eat them because of the high fat and calorie content. Unless there is an immediate problem, proceed with caution while making dietary modifications.
It appears that a food allergy might be the cause of your cat’s loose feces. The duck and pea LID from Natural Balance is what I would suggest. 

Munchkin cats for sale